MIGTAN Consulting limited, was incorporated on April 6, 2010 as a professional services firm to provide Human Resources and Business Support Solutions geared towards helping organisations and individuals to improve business processes and achieve extra-ordinary results. We give our clients the competitive edge through best-practice People Management and Enterprise Support Solutions.

MIGTAN consulting is led and managed by a team of highly innovative, bold, youthful and result-driven professionals who are experts in different aspects of Human Resources and Business management. To ensure that we continuously deliver amazing results, we have created an extensive network of Associates and Freelancers who are equally tested and trusted subject-matter experts.


We will be the preferred provider of Human Resources and Business Support Solutions by 2020 and beyond.


We assist businesses and individuals achieve extra-ordinary results through our best-practice bespoke HR solutions’

Our Core Values

To achieve our mission/vision we are driven by our P-I-I-E values
P – PASSION: We bring utmost dedication and enthusiasm to everything we do
I - !nnovation: We challenge the status quo while creating solutions that meet and surpass our clients’ expectations
I - INTEGRITY: We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our commitments against all odds.
E- ENTERPRISING SPIRIT: We constantly seek for ways to add value to ourselves and our clients’ businesses without compromising on quality.…always with an ear to the market and an eye for our clients’ needs.