Recruitment and Talent Sourcing

As the Talent market continues to shrink and the war for Talent becoming fiercer, Migtan consulting Talent Sourcing platform guarantees our clients’ peace of mind, by being ahead of the game in the Talent space through our developed capabilities and tools to provide the right talent at the right time irrespective of industry and size of operation. Our recruitment processes comprise a battery of Competency and Behavioral Assessment Tools and we also boast of a robust up-to-date database of talent pool and access to wide network of passive and active jobseekers.

Reduce or eliminate recruitment errors, recruitment lead-time and the costs associated with delayed recruitment processes by calling 080 68613878 now for a demo of how we deliver value through our Talent Sourcing Platforms

  • HR Strategy / Set up and Processes Re-engineering

Starting or running a business without a well articulated people/talent plan is akin to embarking on an expedition without a map… you can guess the outcome of such a suicide mission. At Migtan we have invested quality time and resources to develop Talent management solutions to help business set up the right HR structures that guarantee competitive advantage through people. Let us help you create the ‘people edge’ … call 080 68613878 now for details of how we partner with you to achieve extra-ordinary success!

  • HR Services Retainership

This is our HR on-call service that gives our clients a fixed fee/fixed tenure plan which guarantees unlimited HR support service. Our HR Services Retainership platform reduces your risks; saves you time and helps you plan your HR service spend. You enjoy peace of mind while we give you hitch-free total HR service at a predetermined cost. Call 080 68613878 now for demo/details of how we deliver value through our HR Services Retainership Platform

  • Change Management and Organisational Transformation

Is your organisation going through a major change or you are planning for one? Do you wish to rev-up and oxygenate your workplace? Do you want to create a future-fit and change-ready organisation filled with positive talents? Call 080 68613878 now let us help you manage change and transform your organisation into the desired future.

  • Soft Skills Training and Development

No matter how technically sound your team may be in the ‘hard skills’, if they lack the right soft skills the business suffers considerably. Let us help you equip your team with the right soft skills through our bouquet of well-developed skill enhancement programs.

Click here to view our soft skill programs or call 080 68613878 let us discuss your needs.

  • Leadership Development
  • The growth and future of any organisation depend largely on the quality of her frontline leadership cadre.
    We have developed a wide range of leadership programs to bridge the gaps and foster accelerated growth within you organisation.

    What kind of leadership program is right for your business? Call 080 68613878 to find out more.

    • Open Workshops and Seminars

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    • Career Coaching and Career Clinics

    Don’t leave your career to the whims of your company or line manager. Attend our career clinics or avail yourself of our coaching session to put your on flying start. Click here for more

Businesses that do everything in-house tend to have much higher operating expenses and lose efficiency in the process. In the same vein most small businesses can't afford to match the in-house support services that bigger companies maintain.

Outsourcing helps your business by giving you access to the same quality of efficiencies and expertise.

A winning strategy would be to outsource the non-core functions and focus your energies on your core business activity. To help organisations achieve the above we have developed the resources to recruit, train and provide well motivated workforce to handle business activities which are considered non-core to our clients to free up valuable time and resources which could be used to achieve strategic growth and business focus.

We deploy personnel in the following functional areas:

  • Accounts back end support staff
  • Human Resources/ Admin Personnel
  • Front Desk officers
  • Office Assistants
  • Mailroom /Dispatch officers
  • Executive drivers
  • Tellers and Cashiers
  • Factory Operatives
  • Technicians/Plumbers/Artisans
  • Hotel and Hospitality staff
  • Sales officers/canvassers
  • Ticketing officers
Call 080 68613878 let’s take the burden off you through our outsourcing services.